Chairman’s Newsletter – May 2017

Posted on May 5th, 2017

Hello everyone

It’s been really great to see so many people out on the re-started Tuesday nights ride programme. Regulars, those returning after winter hibernation and a good few completely new people have all added to the mix. A couple of things to bring to your attention:

Thanks to Karen Townsin’s good efforts, our bulk order has been processed and delivered and most of you who were part of that now have your hands on the glorious new kit. Please note that we have now modified the information on the website (under the ‘Resources’ tab) to give details of how to place orders going forward directly on the club shop website managed by the manufacturer. There is no minimum order requirement and you can order whatever you like and have it delivered directly to you.

Can you help our future cyclists? Uffington Brownies have asked for our help with their cycling badge on the 17th & 24th May (5.30 for 6pm till 7pm) for the following:

1. Basic bike safety checks
2. Wearing clothing that is safe for cycling
3. Knowing about the lighting up time, lights and reflectors
4. What goes in a simple repair kit
5. Safely cycling around cones and using brakes (this will be in the car park)

Ideally we need 6 volunteers for each session but it doesn’t necessarily have to be both. There are 24 Brownies and they will be supervised by the leaders at all times. At this stage we are not expected to take them on the road. This will be a great way to engage with the village of Uffington, whose hall we use for some of our events. We are being encouraged to publicise our group and this is a lovely way to give something back to the community and encourage safe cycling. If you are interested please contact Nicole Pethybridge on 07789 228361 or

See you on a ride soon!