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Sat Feb 16th 2019
1* Saturday Half Day Ride 1*
Steve Boreham
Start Time:
1:00 pm
Start Location:
Monthly 16-32km (10-20 miles) family and social afternoon rides, usually with a tea stop, at a riding pace of 13-16km/h (8-10mph). Occasional short or gentle climbs.

Not planning to venture out for too long - being winter...

Out to Denchworth then past Challow Marsh Farm to West Challow, on via track to Childrey - the across the top to East Challow. We then cut through Wantage to the Route 44 Sustrans track to Lockinge. Next, past "Best Mate" before going "over the top" and down to Ardington for tea. Short route back via Lains Barn.

If cold and or wet, we have options for short cuts!
A good turn out for a Winter ride! After a brief "scare" when the cafe told me when I rang from the start - that they were fully booked, but all then sorted - eleven souls set out for a route splitting West and East. Out West via Denchworth (Gateway to most rides) with a fairly experienced ride group - not that the leader was feeling the pressure(!)

All made very easy by the support of all of you. The biggest "problem " was dividing a group - consisting of a prime number - up evenly for when we tackled short stretches of busy road!

Weather stayed dry and fine and not too cold - including the exposed high bit from Childrey to Challow. All coped well with the hills - a necessary evil for the route!

Well done to Nick D - out with us whilst recuperating back into the saddle - enjoying the relaxed 1 star pace.

The statutory tea stop - in a lovely position towards the end of the ride, at The Grocer Chef in Ardington - was enjoyed by all - including bumping into Phil and Judith at the cafe, who have not ridden with us for a while. Owners were very accommodating - reserving tables for us as they knew we were coming - and the service was excellent.

Thanks to all - including the odd reminder to stop more - as it is a one star ride(!) Very enjoyable to lead.
27.36 km (17.00 mi)
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Wantage Market Place
Old Mill Hall, Grove
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