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Sat Mar 16th 2019
Windward Ho! 1*
Steve Swanton
Start Time:
10:00 am
Start Location:
Monthly 16-32km (10-20 miles) family and social afternoon rides, usually with a tea stop, at a riding pace of 13-16km/h (8-10mph). Occasional short or gentle climbs.

Sat 8:30 - THE RIDE IS ON!
Update Fri 15/03: With gusty winds forecast from around noon, a change of plan including a 10am start. Not a day for an awayday, so we'll start from Grove and make a simple circuit in the Vale with a possible coffee stop in Wantage at the end. Please keep an eye on the website in case of cancellation first thing on Saturday.
In previous years I would have cancelled the ride. Now with a strong 1* Daytime group that has cycled through the winter, I knew there would be a few up for a ride, despite the windy conditions. Even so, it was great to have 9 out.
The first leg to Lyford was relatively easy - we enjoyed the tailwind as we headed north. After a brief rest and photo stop in Lyford, we then turned into the wind. Things now became appreciably harder and then harder still as we turned left in Charney Bassett and on to Goosey. The worst stretch by far was into the wind, without shelter across Goosey green.
We stopped for a rest in the shelter of a wall the other side and my legs were burning as if we'd just climbed to the Ridgeway.
Fortunately the section along the A417 and then up the B4000 to Childrey proved more sheltered and less arduous than expected. Nevertheless there was a concensus for an early stop and rest in the Childrey village stores. This was my first time in the new café, which is excellent.
For the ride back to Wantage via the track to East Challow and the Portway we again had a tailwind and we barely pedalled along the track as the wind pushed us along. As we returned to Grove via Stockham, Adkin Way and the A338 cyclepath (to avoid the cross winds by the airfield) the sun even came out.
Thanks everyone for your company on a blustery ride. It was great to beat the weather.
24.94 km (15.50 mi)
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Wantage Market Place
Old Mill Hall, Grove
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