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Sat Apr 6th 2019
3* Saturday Half Day Ride 3*
Katherine Boyce
Start Time:
12:30 pm
Start Location:
Half day ride (60-70km / 38-45 miles), with a tea stop, riding pace of 20-24km/h (13-15mph). Likely to visit distant destinations. Not suitable for irregular riders. Climbing likely.


A trip to the flatlands of the Thames! Out via Fyfield, Farmoor and Enynsham before skirting Witney at Cogges where we'll stop for cake. Returning via Stanton Harcourt, Standlake and then an explore of the Thames floodplain around Cote. The one hill is up to Buckland and then back to Grove via Park Lane.

As this is such a flat ride that's a touch over 75km, and is likely to be at the brisker end of 3*.
A good group gathered at lunchtime at OMH, it was nice to see Nigel over from Wallingford and to welcome Jenny and Pete on their first rides with us this season. It was also lovely to see Terry, not ride fit but providing us with our own personal escort service!

An uneventful ride out to Cogges, bit of a headwind but nothing too bad. We had to be patient at the A420 but we all got across safely. Pete's new bike showed impressive acceleration :).

It's always nice to go over Eynsham Toll Bridge without having to pay. We then wended our way through the pretty village of South Leigh.

We found our way to Cogges (thanks to the signposts rather than the leaders ride planning) and the café was very efficient with a goodly selection of cakes and bacon sandwiches.

With only one impatient driver on the quiet back road to Stanton Harcourt, we had time to admire the views. From Standlake we took the even quieter road through Shifford and Cote and along the Great Ditch to the Buckland road. The only hill of the ride was soon conquered (not so soon by the leader ;) ).

The A420 was very quiet on the return crossing, a slight pause in Stanford in the Vale and then we were back at OMH. Another great afternoon ride. Many thanks to Ursula for sweeping and to the good natured group for a lovely afternoon.
84.04 km (52.22 mi)
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Wantage Market Place
Old Mill Hall, Grove
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