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Sat Jun 19th 2010
Offroad - 2* 2*
Geoff Neill
Start Time:
1:00 pm
Start Location:
A flattish ride of about 35Kms going via Locking, East Ginge, East Hendred ,Chilton and up nearly on to the Ridgeway before heading down to Ardington for tea stop.
lf conditions are good ,dry and warm,then I propose an addition to the ride( 3Kms). Going up on to the Ridgeway at Scutcham Knob (no Ardington tea stop) along to the Mounument ,part way down Chainhill and left down track to A338 and then into Wantage with tea stop at Sainsburys. Offroad bike recommended and bring some refreshments as tea stop is at the end of the ride.
Dean Douglas
Geoff Neill
John Tranter
Neil Mowforth
Robin Tucker
Riders = 5
Six riders took part including Sue Sentance who rode the same event last year. A somewhat quicker pace from last year and a bit longer. I'm happy to say along dry tracks and the sun came out for part of the time.There were a number of minor incidents. Firstly a young crow decided it didn't want to move off the track adjacent to the Harwell site and had to be almost lifted to one side. We think it had a damaged wing but looked OK.
The grassy descent(Middlehill Down) alongside Chainhill road contained some 200 sheep and there was some discussion as whether to proceed or go down the road. Eventually did so ,be it a little slower and with minimal movement of sheep.
Finally yours truly took a dive into the shrubbery on a fast descent past Furzewick Farm to Wantage. He wasn't hurt as the general vegetation and nettles broke his fall. After a quick dust down of weeds from his back he was away off down the rest of the descent with tea taken at Sainsbury's.
Overall an excellent ride inspite of the nettle rash.
37.00 km (22.99 mi)
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