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Sat Jan 7th 2012
Saturday afternoon ride from Grove 3*
Iain Kent
Start Time:
1:00 pm
Start Location:
A great chance to burn off some of those Christmas calories with the first road ride of the new year! A straightforward and flat route around the vale of approx 32 miles to get the legs working again. Denchworth - Goosey - Uffington - then picking up the B4508 as far as the A420 - then following the Hinton / Appleton Road as far as Fyfield before returing South via West Hanney. No tea stop today so please bring sustenance. Average speed approx 15 mph depending on the group and weather! Lights will be needed.
Chris Walters
David Bridge
David Smith
David Yearley
Frank Schroer
Iain Kent
Janet Charleston
John Tranter
Michael Brooke
Mila Yearley
Stephen Quartermain
Ursula Hallam
Riders = 12
A good turnout of 12 riders and it was great to see many people out today that I had not seen since the summer. It was a real 'feel good' ride to start the year off with on flat roads with good weather and quite a good pace. The wind was generally westerly and so it was a little blustery going out to Uffington but then more or less behind us up until Fyfield. Michael headed off back to Oxford at this point. An amazing contrast in the weather from the gales of the week and with the sun out, it was actually quite pleasant! Back at Grove by 3.30pm with a 15.3 mph average. Thanks to all for an enjoyable afternoon.

52.30 km (32.50 mi)
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Wantage Market Place
Old Mill Hall, Grove
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