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Tue Jul 26th 2016
Tuesday Evening 4* Ride 4*
Nick Fisher
Start Time:
6:30 pm
Start Location:

A fairly flat route this week; back roads out to Buckland then onto Bampton. Through Clanfield, then a straight run through towards the Trout at Lechlade - an opportunity for some chain gang practice, and should see us moving along this quickly!
Re-group, then onto Faringdon via the A417. Short diversion to Littleworth, then back via Hatford and Stanford, stopping at the Fox in Denchworth, or onwards back to Grove.

Please bring at least a rear light, and both if you're planning to stop in Denchworth.
Mike Cooke
Nick Fisher
Richard Kembleton
Simon Payne
Riders = 4
A smaller group tonight, mainly due to holiday season, but even so a great ride out. We welcomed Mike Cooke, making his first foray up to 4*, and good to have someone new out on the ride.

Once the inital group speed had settled coming out of Denchworth, we had a well-paced run out to Lechlade and back, with a brief stop in Faringdon marketplace to catch breath and take on some nutrition. Lovely return from there to Grove on some quiet roads, with the wind on our backs.

Well done to Mike, and hopefully we'll see you out again soon!
62.12 km (38.60 mi)
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Wantage Market Place
Old Mill Hall, Grove
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