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Sat Feb 18th 2017
Easy Saturday Afternoon Ride from Grove 1*
Steve Swanton
Start Time:
1:00 pm
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This month a loop to the West taking in a lovely view of the Downs, snowdrops and a visit to the Blowingstone. Refreshment stop at the Blowingstone Inn at Kingston Lisle about half-way before returning through the Vale via Goosey and Denchworth. A round trip of just over 17 miles. All welcome.
What a lovely sunny afternoon for a ride! Great turnout again, with quite a number of us out on our bikes for the first time this year.
Out through Denchworth, we stopped to enjoy the view of the Downs from the top of the Circourt road bridge. Carrying on to West Challow, the bridleway up into Childrey was new to some (and somehow it seems much easier than the long pull up the parallel road).
There was a real sense of Spring being on the way with snowdrops and occasionally aconites and early daffodils lining the verges. The snowdrops at Sparsholt were even more extensive than I remembered, having spread though the churchyard as well as the woods opposite.
We stopped briefly to inspect the Blowingstone at the bottom of the eponymous hill before continuing on to the inn.
After our stop, everyone enjoyed the downhill back into the Vale and with the sun our backs it was a lovely ride home.
A most enjoyable and relaxing afternoon. Thanks everyone.
28.16 km (17.50 mi)
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