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Tue May 16th 2017
Tuesday 3* Evening Ride 3*
Nick Dunton
Start Time:
6:30 pm
Start Location:
A scenic trip to Didcot and the NR5 cycle-path behind the power station. This is a wildlife haven and alive with rabbits and red kites [good opportunity to practise bunny-hopping!]. Route is fully surfaced and fine for road bikes. However, we’ll also take the cycle path between Ginge and East Hendred which is rough in places. Fairly flat route of 46.7km, so aiming for a reasonable pace. Note: in places this route uses busier roads than the majority of our rides, so best to avoid if you dislike riding in traffic.
It was a pleasure to lead such a well-disciplined group of riders! The threatened rain didn’t materialize and wet-weather gear was mostly abandoned at the top of the first hill. I had forgotten my eye-protection: not a good idea on probably the buggiest ride of the year so far. Welcome to Charlie Schmidt – JG’s friend from Zimbabwe – who was well able to keep up with us, even on a mountain bike. I fear we didn’t show him the prettiest parts of Oxfordshire! We spotted Louis Hall adding dog-walking kilometres to his Strava account in Lockinge. The transit of Didcot was relatively quiet and uneventful. Once off the Power Station cycle-path, we picked-up the pace through the flatlands of Drayton, Steventon, and the Hanneys, leading to a spirited Denchworth dash. The jinx of Jane’s Junction returned but no damage was done to either rider or bike. My Garmin reported 46.9 km at an average speed of 23.2 kph – very respectable given the mix of paths and urban roads traversed. Thanks Andy for sweeping.
46.90 km (29.14 mi)
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