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Tue May 30th 2017
Tuesday 3* Evening Ride 3*
Katherine Boyce
Start Time:
6:30 pm
Start Location:
Weekly 1.5 - 2 hours at a riding pace of 20-24km/h (13-15mph). May be hilly.

Fairly flat ride tonight as the pub beckons! Out to Baulking via Goosey and then bypassing Uffington to Fernham, over the A417 to Hatford then on to Hinton Waldrist. We'll return over the A420 via the bridge to Kingston Bagpuize. The ride will finish at Denchworth at the Fox, but if you are not stopping you are unlikely to be returning to Grove on your own!

Optional stop at The Fox in Denchworth at the end of the ride.
I wrote a brilliant report for this ride, witty, interesting, lots of name checks. It didn't save :( and now its a week later and this is not going to be a brilliant ride report ;)

With 22 people gathered for a 3* evening ride and 2 more joining us in Denchworth, it was good that Karen stepped forward to lead half the ride. Half of us set off, waving to Yvonne as she waited for the second group and having swept up Jan into our group continued briskly through Goosey and over the 417 to the Baulking turn. A brief regrouping and we were through Baulking and over to the Fernham road.

Before we knew it, we were no longer having a bit of a battle with a headwind and back over the 417 and on to Pusey. A safe crossing of the A420 through to the bridge to Southmoor and only minor grumbles at my choosing the sandy narrow track to reach the main road!

The beautiful tarmac of the Hanney Road tempted Kirsten, Hugo and Adrian to try some racing but it was too mellow an evening for that to work!

Then we were back to Denchworth, saying goodbye to those not going to the Fox.

Thanks to Andy and Jon for sweeping for Karen and I, and to Karen for leading too. I'm loving the Cycling UK Wantage team work that's going on this season :).
41.30 km (25.66 mi)
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