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Sun Jul 30th 2017
3* Lite 3*
Karen Townsin
Start Time:
9:30 am
Start Location:
This is the third in this season's series. The purpose of the 3* lite rides is to give confident 2* riders the chance to try out a 3* ride ride at the lower end of the 3* riding pace. There will be opportunities to experience riding at a faster pace on the flat and to attempt some hills. The atmosphere will be supportive and encouraging and there will be the opportunity to stop for a coffee and a natter at the end.
All welcome.

It's time to conquer Chain Hill as part of a pretty lumpy excursion into the West Berkshire Downs. There is lots of climbing, but that means lots of descending too.
The route is 41km with over 500m of climbing, but we'll take all the hills at a steady pace and wait at the top for as long as we need. We have all morning, so there's absolutely no pressure. You know that if you hate hills, the only way to get better is to tackle them!!
The Chain Hill curse struck again and for the third time this month, a ride led by team Townsin failed to follow the planned route - this time entirely due to Ride Leader error. A final turn missed in Brightwalton meant that we descended into Wantage via the cursed hill rather than Manor Hill. This meant one less climb (sorry Jordan!) but probably a more pleasant descent.

A short lived shower of rain and a puncture didn't dampen the spirits of a great group, who all repaired to the Bay tree Cafe to cosily squash round the 2 remaining tables. Even though Kath had another engagement, she kindly sent her representative to drink coffee and eat cake on her behalf. Thanks Andy!

A very warm welcome to Anne on her first Wantage ride and to Nigel joining us on his second.
Thanks for a very enjoyable ride everyone.
40.00 km (24.85 mi)
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Written by : Amanda

Posted on : July 30, 2017 at 4:33 PM

Great ride, Karen. Thanks for leading. Really enjoyed it.


Written by : Eddie little.

Posted on : July 30, 2017 at 7:41 PM

Superb ride Karen!

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