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Tue Aug 1st 2017
Tuesday 1* Evening Ride 1*
Steve Boreham
Start Time:
6:30 pm
Start Location:
Our leisurely and sociable 10-mile club rides are designed specifically with adult newcomers to cycling and youngsters in mind, or those who just want some relaxed and sociable exercise. We cover a distance of about 10 miles at a gentle pace of 8-10 mph, following quiet country lanes and the occasional easy off-road track. We stop regularly to catch our breath, to take in the views and anything that takes our interest along the way.

Tonight we head out via Denchworth, and on to Charney Bassett, before curling back to West Hanney. If conditions permit, we will then take the track across the fields back to the Denchworth Road, before heading back to Grove.

Around 11 miles and nice and flat.
A lovely relaxed start anyway.... with seven of us setting out, plus young Noah riding along on Nick's back seat(!)

The usual "one star" initial stop in Denchworth, where we observed a large walnut tree, and debate ensued as to who is allowed to pick the walnuts where it over hangs in a public street. No real consensus on this, and we moved on(!). The next question posed was who knew of Sheephouse Lane and where it was - as this was listed on the ride route but the leader had no idea! A challenge was set.... Sheephouse Farm was duly noted, and natural conclusions followed, although the road itself was unmarked....

On arrival at West Hanney, I suggested we take the track from West Hanney directly back to the Denchworth Road. I was asked if my bike, with narrow tyres, was up to this, and I reassured Thiyanga that it was - only to get a puncture immediately we hit the track!! Great effort was made by me and Martyn to change the tube - the tyre being incredibly difficult to get on and off. Eventually succeeded but could not then get the tube hard enough (trying three pumps) to ride on.

Nick and Chloe had gone on home, understandably. Chloe, aged five - managing the ride superbly throughout, so a big "well done". So we left all to go on, Mandy and I went back via the road - with me nursing the bike all the way back.

Thanks to Martyn for your efforts, and to all for your support.
17.70 km (11.00 mi)
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