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Sat Sep 23rd 2017
2* Saturday Afternoon Ride 2*
Karen Townsin
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1:00 pm
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Monthly 45-55km (30-40 miles) afternoon ride, with a tea stop, at a riding pace of 18-20km/h (11-13mph). Not likely to be very hilly.

Thinking about cafes we haven't visited lately, Saddleback Farm was one that sprung to mind, so we'll head out through the Letcombes, over Hackpen into Lambourn. From there we'll follow the Lambourn Valley to Boxford, then begin the climb back up the escarpment through Leckhampstead and Brightwalton. After tea, at 50km/30 miles, we'll head down Chain Hill and back to Grove.

This is a hilly ride with in excess of 500m/1600ft of climbing over 58Km/36 miles, with the familiar Hackpen Hill being the longest and steepest.
A baker's dozen (well, we were cycling past the 'home of the bake-off';)) set off from OMH in unexpected, warm sunshine. So warm in fact that we were soon discarding layers/regretting clothing choices as we made our way through the Letcombes and up Hackpen Hill.
The annoying headwind meant that we had to pedal down some of the descent into Lambourn, before turning along the valley road. After a pause in The Swan carpark we pushed on through Boxford, Leckhampstead and Brightwalton.
Tea at Saddleback was perfect as we were able to sit outside and watch the deer in the distance, who were enjoying the sunshine as much as us. Service was quick too.
A last blast down chain hill and a cut through Wantage (new to me; thanks Steve & Des) brought us back to Grove by 16:45.
Thanks everyone for an enjoyable ride and thanks Jon and Steve for sweeping duties.
56.00 km (34.80 mi)
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Wantage Market Place
Old Mill Hall, Grove
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