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Sat Sep 9th 2017
Tour of Britain ride 2* 2*
Karen Townsin
Start Time:
9:00 am
Start Location:
A visit to see the Tour of Britain pass through Charlbury, following much of the Harlequin Hack route, ridden earlier this year.

This is a long ride - approx. 94km/58miles - but it is lovely route with just a few easy climbs, and with a planned stop at Cogges Manor Farm for tea at 30km/18 miles and the stop at Charlbury to watch the race fly by at 46km/28 miles, it is manageable for any confident riders who would like to ride further than normal at 2* pace.

We can also plan to stop on the way back at Aston Pottery at approx 70km/43 miles.
This is the first time we've run two different group rides to the same destination, so it was great to see it well supported.
After picking up Rob in Charney Bassett, the group made excellent progress to our early stop at Cogges Manor Farm - shame the service wasn't quite so speedy!
Then the roads became a little more undulating as we approached Charlbury; in fact our group roused a tongue-in-cheek cheer and applause from the gathering crowd as we raced up the hill into the village.
We found a great spot taking in the slight rise and the sharp bend - a spot we (I) fiercely defended! It was all done in good spirit and the atmosphere and banter between cyclists and spectators made the time pass quickly.
As we peered anxiously down the hill for the arrival of the breakaway group, we could see menacing clouds approaching and sure enough, a sharp shower drenched us and the plummeting temperature took its toll.
It was worth it though to see the TOB riders finally rolling through.
All too soon, the cavalcade had passed and it was time to get the legs moving again on what was the lumpiest section of the ride.
Everyone managed the lumps and bumps well, only stopping to lend a hand with Louis's trapped chain using Eddie's nifty allen key.
As we approached Aston, the heavens opened again, so it seemed a good time to stop and warm up/dry out at Aston Pottery.
The final leg was accomplished easily and without incident.
Thanks all for your company and strong group riding, and congratulations to Rob on completing his longest ever ride.
91.00 km (56.54 mi)
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Written by : Edmund

Posted on : September 10, 2017 at 10:41 PM

It was good to meet you all!

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