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Sat Nov 4th 2017
Saturday Half Day Ride 3*
Jon Townsin
Start Time:
9:30 am
Start Location:
Half day ride (60-70km / 38-45 miles), with a tea stop, riding pace of 20-24km/h (13-15mph). Likely to visit distant destinations. Not suitable for irregular riders. Climbing likely.

N.B. In response to the recent survey results, this is a morning (9.30) start!

In preparation for Guy Fawkes night, this ride takes in five climbs and one of them's 'a cracker' !!!

Out through the vale toward Compton Beauchamp and our first climb up Fox Hill. Then down to Chisledon and along to the 'piece de resistance', the climb out of Ogbourne St George. Topping out at nearly 17%* (*this is a correction after a pre ride check!) it's a tough climb - but it's only temporary!

From there we'll head down to Aldbourne and back up towards Lambourn and the familiar run homeward to Grove via Hackpen Hill and the Letcombes. At 75k this is a little longer than normal but worth it I think!

We have a few options for a tea stop (Chisledon, Albourne and Lambourn) depending on when the group feels the need.
Eddie Little
Hugh Falkner
Jerry Bird
Jo Little
Jon Townsin
Karl Blake
Phil Ward
Yvonne Bird
Riders = 8

cloudy with light rainlight rain showers
An initial group of seven set out to be joined by Hugh along the way. The rather damp and drizzly start quickly dried out as we headed through the vale and before we reached the first (warm up) climb to Knighton I'd managed to shed the waterproofing! Already we'd had an 'I've never been this way before' which is always a bonus.
The way out through Ashbury, Idstone and Bishopstone brought us to the foot of the day's second climb, up Fox Hill, which allowed all riders to flex their legs (some more quickly than others) to gain the top - which everyone did!
Then onto Chisledon and a lovely quiet route round to Ogbourne St George (once we'd crossed the very busy A346!). That quiet respite was needed for the climb up Snap Hill out of OSG, past the golf course and up towards Aldbourne. The 17% climb enlivened some old memories (nightmares?) for some and created some new ones for others. The reward was a gentle downhill (along another 'never been here before';) into Aldbourne for a splendid lunch stop at the Post Office there. (Best bacon and egg sandwich I can remember!).

Phil picked up a persistent puncture and Jerry offered to accompany him back while the rest of us kept going up the last two climbs out of Aldbourne and Lambourn respectively. They caught us up at the top of Hackpen from where we descended together back to Wantage and Grove. Nice.
74.98 km (46.59 mi)
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Wantage Market Place
Old Mill Hall, Grove
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