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Tue May 22nd 2018
Tuesday Evening 4* Ride 4*
Phil Ward
Start Time:
6:30 pm
Start Location:

Weekly 1.5 - 2 hours ride at a riding pace of 25-29km/h (16-18mph). May be hilly (this one isn't).

Given a predicted Northerly evening breeze, I'm thinking a Witney run might fit the bill? #LFF (long, flat & fast), choose your irons appropriately - the last iteration of this ride flushed out 3 fine steel machines and a single speed. ETA back at OMH ca. 20:40 judged on last year's pace, so well before sunset, but its still worth bringing a light set in case of "unforeseens"

The route might change if the forecasting is found wanting, so check back nearer the date please.
Frank Schroer
Iain Kent
Jason Jones
Paul Jarvis
Phil Ward
Ruth Fisher
Riders = 6

sunnyhotwindy (fine)
A gloriously sunny evening ride in mild, bordering on hot conditions (depending upon your work rate ;) )
Six headed off into a persistent Northerly in a good tight formation, relief was found in the wooded lanes approaching Northmoor. The far turn at Cogges in Witney heralded a tailwind-assist that Jason and Frank couldn't resist and a tasty pace was deployed back towards Stanton Harcourt down the deliciously twisting and narrow lanes. Regrouped we tackled the sole hill on the route up from the Thames crossing and then rattled homewards in good style. Kudos to Ruth for dishing it to us on Nick's steel single-speed and thanks to all for good riding style and communications - a stress-free lead resulting (clap)

The data:
Distance: 63.1 km
Total Duration: 02:14:29
Moving Time: 02:10:55
Stopped Time: 00:03:34
Max Speed: 52.4 kph
Avg. Speed: 28.9 kph
63.10 km (39.21 mi)
Ride Details:
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Wantage Market Place
Old Mill Hall, Grove
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4* - Suitable for athletic riders who can ride safely above the 3* standard. Quick rides for the fit.
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