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Tue Jun 12th 2018
Tuesday Evening 4* Ride 4*
Frank Schroer
Start Time:
6:30 pm
Start Location:

Weekly 1.5 - 2 hours ride at a riding pace of 25-29km/h (16-18mph). May be hilly.

With nearly 3 hours of daylight from the start time now, let's make the most of this and get a 40 mile ride in. Please take lights for the last part just in case.

Flat start out to Bourton with most of the climbing towards the end of the ride. Some rarely ridden roads around Baydon where we will cross the M4 four times in short succession.
Then back via Lambourn, Letcombes etc
Andy Cowan
Frank Schroer
Iain Kent
Jason Jones
Phil Ward
Ruth Fisher
Riders = 6

sunny intervalswindy (fine)
On an initially dull looking evening 6 of us set off with a flat start out to Bourton with a tailwind giving us a nice pace with the ride leader mostly on the front (where they are supposed to be!).

This is where the clouds slowly made way to give a sunny end of the day, just in time to give us nice sceneries opening up whilst going into the hilly part of the ride.

The pace did only drop a bit on that as the group was (mostly) evenly matched tonight and hardly any waiting was required.

I think everyone enjoyed the slight diversion away from the straight Foxhill - Baydon road by means of the quieter road that crosses the M4 twice and had a pleasant, quick downhill section and a tasty climb - apparently the road conditions were better than what some experienced there earlier in the year (grin).

A quick drop into Lambourn followed by the climb on the other side of Hackpen followed by another quick drop on the other side and then through the Letcombe lead us to Windmill hill and East Challow before riders (including myself) starting to make their way home in Wantage.

In fact, only a few of us needed to get back to Grove and agreed to do so by themselves. 64km in total in 2h34mins with 28.5 km/h moving average by the time they got there I have been told (so perfectly in the upper end of the 4 star speed bracket - despite the hills !)

A few returns need to be mentioned here, first of all Andy rode his first 4 star ride since the end of August 2016 due to what happened since and had no problem at all with following the pace despite it was one of the faster rides this year with some vertical meters as well towards the end.

The other return is a road ride with a gps for myself, having been disappointed with the early generations of cycling gps's I had not bothered spending money on one for a long time but have to say I am impressed with the one I got now.
64.00 km (39.77 mi)
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Wantage Market Place
Old Mill Hall, Grove
1* - Suitable for irregular, social, beginner or family riders, pace will match the slower riders. Not hilly or long. Expect rides up to 3 hours. Gentle exercise.
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