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Tue Jul 24th 2018
Tuesday Evening 4* Ride 4*
Frank Schroer
Start Time:
6:30 pm
Start Location:

Weekly 1.5 - 2 hours ride at a riding pace of 25-29km/h (16-18mph). May be hilly.

Please take lights for the last part.
Darran Milne
Frank Schroer
Jason Jones
Jerry Bird
Louis Hall
Nick Dunton
Paul Jarvis
Peter Cowan
Richard Hypher
Riders = 9

sunnysunny intervalswindy (fine)
9 of us set off whilst the heat of the day had not quite disappeared, taking a different route out than advertised, in order to avoid the cycle rush hour to Denchworth, via A338 & the Hanneys instead. From there we picked up the original route to Charney and Buckland. After the downhill to Buckland Marsh we took the quiet lanes to Aston, from where we headed to Bampton. Lost bottle(s ?) and a tagged on toilet break for some meant there was some traffic to deal with (bus, horse etc) which is unusual but once on our way we soon took a right turn off the main route to Black Bourton, around where everyone's bunny hopping skills were instantly tested by some (presumably) temporary covers on the road, that - with the sun in our face - did not look like much until you were riding almost on top of them ! Fortunately nobody came off on the first and several other of these we passed during the ride. Via Alvescot it was then onwards to the pretty Cotswold style villages of Broadwell and Langford from where we carried on to Little Clanfield and the A road towards Faringdon. We turned off that at the turn to Littleworth, where most of tested our legs on the only hill of significance of the ride, where Pete achieved his (apparently) only purpose of coming on the ride - beating me up it! After regrouping we rode a short stretch of A420, where a growing bunch of vehicles behind us must have been relieved that we turned off at the quiet lane to Hatford. So quiet in fact that just when some of us wanted to build up speed for the nice straight downhill two deer crossed over the road just meters in front of us, with a third one hesitating to do so as well but eventually thinking better of it luckily. Not being sure if more deer might appear we temporarily slowed down before enjoying the slight but long descent. Via Stanford, Park lane and Cow Lane it was through Denchworth before it become clear that good things come to those that wait (long enough) on the Denchworth dash. Given little climbing and only a light wind the average on this route was at the top end of the 4 star ride, but given the lead out nobody seemed to have a problem keeping up. Thanks all for joining this ride with near perfect weather.
63.00 km (39.15 mi)
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1* - Suitable for irregular, social, beginner or family riders, pace will match the slower riders. Not hilly or long. Expect rides up to 3 hours. Gentle exercise.
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