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Tue Jul 31st 2018
Tuesday Evening 3* Ride 3*
Jon Townsin
Start Time:
6:30 pm
Start Location:

This is the fourth of our Bridging Ride series designed to help those who would like to progress to the next level of cycling. As such it will be ridden at the lower end of the pace range.

Weekly 1.5 - 2 hours at a riding pace of 20-24km/h (13-15mph). May be hilly.

This week we're heading out west via Goosey, Childrey, Sparsholt and Kingston Lisle before returning via Stanford in the Vale and Charney Bassett. Back via Uffington and Denchworth.
This will be an easy and fairly flat 3* ride at the lower end of the 3* range. A distance of 36k should get us back to the Fox comfortably in time to eat for those who want to.

Please bring lights, especially if you are returning to Grove after The Fox.

Optional social stop at The Fox at Denchworth at the end of the ride.
David Jackson
David Lynch
Hugo Pile
James Bosley
James McGuigan
Jan McCabe
John Groves
John Hibberd
John Tranter
Jon Townsin
Joy Arthur
Katherine Boyce
Mike Cooke
Nicole Pethybridge
Olivia Pile
Paul Bentley
Roger Postbeschild
Stephanie Haddrell
Steve Joyce
Terry Penn
Yvonne Bird
Riders = 21

A lovely evening to cycle and a great turnout of 21 riders to enjoy it! We split into two groups, (thanks to John T for leading the second group). Off into the vale, through Denchworth for the first deviation from the route, and on towards Childrey and Sparsholt, where we passed the 2* group.

Yvonne unwittingly posed the best question of the evening - "How many 3* riders does it take to change a tyre?" Katherine answered by sending the redundant majority off to mind our own business and 'they'd join us later' - which they duly did! The second deviation took us into Uffington for a few extra kilometres.

Eventually we succumbed to Hugo's desire to get to the pub and finished off with a very pleasant evening in the Fox.

Nicole, having cycled around most of the world in a week, earned a bonus point for just turning up!
36.00 km (22.37 mi)
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