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Sun Jun 10th 2018
Boulters Bash 3*
Nick Dunton
Start Time:
9:30 am
Start Location:
3* special starting in Pangbourne and following the route of the Boulters Bash Audax. 108km with five major Chilterns climbs in the first half. Second half of the route is flatter, if less picturesque.

We will stop for lunch stop at Jenner's Café, Riverside Gardens, Maidenhead -

Start 9.00 a.m. in Village Hall carpark, Pangbourne [on main road, on right just after passing under railway bridge and opposite the Bentley showroom; free parking Sunday.

Please call or text Nick [01235-848580/07774-838310] if you intend to participate: ride will not happen if no takers.
As always, this route was challenging but rewarding. Weather was perfect: cool for the morning hills and sunny and warm in the afternoon when we were spinning through the flatlands. My nemesis - the road from Lane End to Marlow - delivered yet again. No spectacular blowouts this time but a motorist, who seemed not to understand the concept of giving way to oncoming traffic when his side of the road was blocked by road-works, almost flattening me, eliciting a hasty emergency stop and some impressive swearing. At least the resulting adrenalin helped me up Winter Hill. Jenner’s was relatively quiet for a change: we were the only cyclists there. The second half of this ride is admittedly rather mundane but Hugo’s suggestion of simply reversing the first half was quickly vetoed by those of us whose legs needed a rest. The traditional ice-cream stop at Theale Co-Op was welcome. The final sections through the Bradfield rollers and Dark Lane were quickly dispatched and we were back at the start by 4.15. A great group and a pleasure to lead a ride with so little hassle.
107.00 km (66.49 mi)
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