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Sat Jul 21st 2018
Cycling UK Wantage 25 year Celebration 4*
Phil Ward
Start Time:
12:45 pm
Start Location:
This year sees our cycling club reach its' 25 years anniversary.
To mark the event a series of rides will leave Old Mill Hall and convene at The Thomas Hughes Memorial Hall in Uffington for a celebratory Coffee Tea and Cake fest before cycling back to Grove.

***Bring some £ for a) cake and b) special edition commemorative bidon (water bottle)*** and a spare bottle cage on your bike to put it in 😉

It's all about the Cake, so with that in mind the 4* ride departs a tad earlier than the others in order to ensure there is sufficient cake left on our arrival at Uffington ca. 3pm.

Please Note (hi) 12:45 (hi) departure OMH for 4* : 56km / 650m "up". Aiming for a +25kph ride average, so flat cruising around 30kph and the drops at....(grin). Hills a-plenty though, so it'll be a good workout.

It's a distinctly lumpy ride, starting straight from the gun up Manor Road. A regroupment is likely on cresting, but from there a tight formation will be maintained down through Great Shefford and beyond into corrugated narrow lanes South of the M4. From Aldbourne the gradients ease into a steady drag to crest Foxhill and a routine swoop along through "the 'stones' to reach Ashbury and a final drop down through the curves at Woolstone to reach the Hidden Bounty (mm) at Uffington.

Inclement weather can be accommodated with a shortened but still Southerly route.

To allow for unhindered tea-taking and DIY routing homeward from Uffington, we'll end the led ride there.
Frank Schroer
Jason Jones
Jerry Bird
Paul Jarvis
Peter Cowan
Phil Ward
Richard Hypher
Richard Saunders
Riders = 8
A fine afternoon, light breezes and steadily increasing temperatures, humidity (and flies!) brought out a great group to venture South of the M4 into the maze of quiet lanes that characterise North Wessex downland.
Starting with a romp up Manor was tough but got the worst grunt of the ride out of the way early on. In typical 4* fashion, the group grew as we progressed - starting at OMH with 5, we had swollen to 8 by the top of Manor as Frank and Pete continued their morning ~100km gravel ride with some CUK for "afters" - a commendable effort chaps.
We managed a steady rate of progress over some challenging terrain, sharing the wind throughout and enjoying a good natter too. Arriving a little after 3pm we just about found sufficient cake and tea available after the earlier grazers had enjoyed themselves, but hey - that's what keeps us lean and mean 4*s ;)
Thanks all for being such a great bunch - "no stress leading" was perfect for a celebratory ride.
Ride Stats: 56.5km in 2h20' (24.2kph) with 650m climbing (clap)
56.50 km (35.11 mi)
Ride Details:
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Old Mill Hall, Grove
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