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Tue Jun 18th 2019
Tuesday Evening 3* Ride 3*
Jo Little
Start Time:
6:30 pm
Start Location:

This is the first of our Bridging Ride series designed to help those who would like to progress to the next level of cycling. As such it will be ridden at the lower end of the pace range.

Second ride leader is...

Weekly 1.5 - 2 hours at a riding pace of 20-24km/h (13-15mph). May be hilly.

We'll ride out through the Letcombes and then into Childrey and through Sparsholt before a short trip along the Spring Line to Woolstone. Then along to Longcot and Fernham before returning to Grove via Goosey and Denchworth.
43.9 km (24 miles) with the only climb being Holborn HIll out of Letcombe, and a few lumpy bits along the Spring Line - otherwise its a steady flat route.
Despite a weather report that predicted possible rain and thunderstorms there were 16 of us who were willing to risk it. We split into two groups, but kept close together - which proved very sensible in the circumstances. The ride began well with warm, dry weather and a sighting of 4 deer at the base of Dragon Hill.
Unfortunately Kirsten caught her wheel in a rut under a railway bridge between Uffington and Longcot. As she came down she also brought down David J and Dave T. Both KIrsten and David were looking as though they had potentially broken bones so an ambulance was called but, after an hour, it had not been dispatched so other ways were found of dealing with the situation.
I now need to thank many people:
Joy for her first aid at the scene
NIcole and Roger P for their traffic calming/control
Susie for leading the rest of the ride back to Grove
John and Carin Tranter for coming to collect some bikes
Kirsten, David and Dave for being so brave and not making a fuss about their pain or the cold and damp conditions or the non-appearance of the ambulance.
Steph for lending me her jacket
Eddie for all his phone calls to the ambulance and to JT
Finally, and especially, Roger P and his wife Juliet for taking Kirsten to Swindon hospital.

As people may know, Kirsten has a badly displaced shoulder joint and severe bruising, but was able to attend her graduation on Wednesday.
David has a broken scaphoid and lots of bruising.
Dave T was being very tough and wouldn't admit to more than a sore back.

Thankfully we have come off more lightly than it seemed at one time. Sorry for the long report but I just wish to finish by thanking everyone for their support and teamwork both throughout the whole evening and since.
43.90 km (27.28 mi)
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Written by : John Tranter

Posted on : June 21, 2019 at 6:42 AM

Terrible circumstances, but a great response from everyone. I want to add my thanks to all who helped out so magnificently.

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